The more we get together...

On Friday everyone, and I mean everyone, headed off to Laval to have lunch with our favourite 90 year old. Alexis and Dan met us there after celebrating their 2nd anniversary in Ottawa. Grandma and Grandpa were there, of course, as well as Papa's brother Mel and his wife Rose. Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh were also extended a special invitation from the old guy himself. A fun time was had by all at the Greek Restaurant. Hayden especially enjoyed his tzaziki.

Yesterday we went to Smiths Falls for a late Christmas Dinner with Alexis and Dan. We stuffed our faces full of delicious sweet potatoes and all the rest of the fixins. We tried to enjoy a game of cards after dinner but it was kind of hard with all of Uncle Dan's gloating and hissy-fitting. It sounded like the competitiveness continued back at our house. While Hayden and I tried to sleep last night, it sounded like a World War was breaking out over a Monopoly game between Dan, Scott, and Alexis. Hopefully no one got too seriously injured.

Hayden wanted me to wish everyone out there a very happy new year. Be safe and see you in 2007.