The Living's Easy?

I thought these were supposed to be the LAZY hazy days of summer. Life has been hectic to say the least. We had many visitors, a couple of new roomies, and a wedding to boot! Frankly, I'm ready for a bit of a va-cay. We started things off with a birthday party at Nico's. Hayden and Daisy May had a lot of fun at Nico's dress up Princess party. Hayden especially loved the blue icing and all of the teeny tiny pieces of toys there were to play with.

Princess Nico Mermaidia

Ray Ray and Hayden looking at clouds

Daisy at Command Central

There seemed to be a lot of partying at Dibbie's house. It got lots more fun because Dibbie had some new friends for Hayden to play with at her house. Kelton, Hudson, and their mommy Jenni were down from Texas. Hayden had fun playing Ninja Turtles and eating all sorts of goodies while swimming in Dibbie's pool. 

Nico and Aunty Heidi also came in for a visit right about the same time that Shawn and Sara moved in. Hayden and Daisy are having a lot of fun having permanent buddies in the house. 

On top of all of that fun, Uncle Dan and his brother-in-law (also named Dan), also came into town to play. 

Uncle Dan
The Other Dan
Kelton, Hudson, and Hayden getting cool
Jenni, Brandi, and Daisy hanging out

Once all of the visitors left, we decided to take off too. We headed to Smiths Falls to drop Hayden off at Grandma and Grandpa's house where he stayed in his very own room in their basement, played in the pool, took a few boat rides, and generally had the time of his life. Meanwhile, Daisy May came along with us to Ray Ray and Jenny's very beautiful wedding. If Jenny hadn't been so utterly stunning, Daisy May just might have stolen the show. So many people fell in love with her including Jenny's dad. She had a lot of people lining up to hold her which was just fine by me. Their wedding was a breathtaking event and was worth all of the energy that everyone put into it. Hayden even made an appearance in the form of a cardboard cutout. He participated in my speech and then became the life of the party, posing for pictures, cutting it up on the dance floor, and even sneaking into Jenny's niece's sleeping bag. 

I would like to say that our little Daisy May is adjusting well to the summer heat. Unfortunately, Daisy is proving to be a little bit needy. She seems to prefer being held by her dear old Mama which can prove to get a little old. It's a good thing she's so darn cute.