Here are some quick pics for Aunty Alexis and Uncle Dan who are sitting in an internet cafe in Europe. We miss you!
More to come about our weekend at Princess Nico's birthday party soon.

New House

We are officially in and loving our new home and hood. Here you can see us walking through our quiet streets which are completely void of drunk neighbours and full of kids, dogs, and friendly peeps. We've got sweet raspberries growing in our backyard and even a leftover swing in our covered patio. Scott and Hayden are enjoying how much easier it is to maintain our lawn here. All in all, we're pretty much living it up and loving every minute of it.
Hayden spent his last days with Laura last week. We are sad to say goodbye to her as a daycare provider but excited to meet up with her for playdates. Tomorrow I will officially become a stay at home mom with two kids. Yikes.
Daisy's regressed a little since the move. She's a little attached to Mama and is very particular when it comes to sleeping arrangements. We made a bit of progress today when she finally drank from a bottle. Yipee for me!!!
Lots more fun ahead this summer so stay tuned.


Here are some shots of our new house! Included are shots of Hayden's excitement upon moving in, his first night in a big boy bed (which used to belong to Daddy and Grandpa!), and Daisy and Hayden wrestling with all the space in our new place.
We are still in the midst of chaos but its' gone a lot smoother than predicted. This is due mostly to the help of Ray Ray, Jenny, Grandma, Grandpa, Nai Nai, and Yeh Yeh. Thank you!

On the Move

We're down to the wire. A couple of more days til our big move but we're still managing to fit in some summer fun like:

Sweaty afternoon naps.

Daisy's new trick is turning over. She can roll over to her front. She loves performing this trick but hates getting stuck on her front. It's a terrible dilemma for her. 

St Jean Baptiste day with the Carnies. Loads of dirty fun.

And Canada! See you on the other side soon!

Although we should be packing and getting ready for our big move, we're still managing to fit some fun in.
Happy Canada Day everyone!