For Grandma

More pics of our funfilled and steamy week to come soon. For now, here is a pic of Daddy and Daisy featuring Daddy's new do.

Happy Daddy Day!

For Jaime

Here's a shot just for you Jaime!

Ha Ha

Daisy laughed for the first time! I guess Yeh Yeh is just that funny looking.


I've spent quite a bit of time alone with Hayden and Daisy lately. All in all, I gotta say, it hasn't been too bad. Hayden's been pretty great about nap time and Daisy's been pretty good about putting up with Hayden. Keeping busy seems to be the key and, when all else fails, go to Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh's for cookies.

Believe it or not, Hayden posed for all of these pictures. In the first one, I told him to make a silly face, the second one is supposed to be muscle man, and for the third one, he actually walked away from me, stopped, turned, and stood still waiting for me to snap the pic. I guess this is his Blue Steel.

Some things we did to keep busy included playing with the snow behind the arena, using a magic wand and "abracadabra" (or as Hayden says it "abyacadabya") to open the doors at the grocery store, and visiting with Jaime and Dibbie. We all love playing at Dibbie's house, especially Hayden. Just look at how excited he is in the picture. Thank you Jaime and Dibbie!

Happy Day

You're how old?! Well, it's enough to make one's hair stand on end. Happy Birthday Daddy!


She sleeps
She smiles
She has crazy hair

You'd think now that we are officially "house poor", we'd slow down on the fun, buckle down, and get serious. Nah. We've been spoiled rotten lately. We dropped Daisy off at Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh's house and took Hayden to his first movie ever. We saw Up which was great. Hayden seemed to enjoy it and even wore his 3D glasses for a bit. We're just surprised that he didn't barf from all the junk food he ate. 
Scott and I also got to go out for our first date in a long time. We went to the Billy Joel and Elton John concert last night. What a treat considering Daisy has never taken a bottle. We were lucky enough to have four babysitters: Brandi, Gesa, Jaime, and Casey! They did a fantastic job and both kids were happy and sleeping when we got home. 
We are all spoiled rotten brats and loving it.

Hayden on a field trip to the farm.
Hayden getting spoiled at "Dibbie's" house. A birthday cake with candles for Spiderman.