Just these past two days, I'd say Hayden has really transitioned from a crawler to a walker. He's walking way more than he is crawling. It's been neat to see the change.

The only problem is that now things have taken on a whole new level of dangerous...

Movie Star

Sorry it's been a while. Report card know how it is...or maybe you don't. Here's a video that Aunty Heidi made this summer for Yeh Yeh's birthday. Hayden has a starring role and he does quite well if you ask me. Enjoy!

Baby Steps

Hayden hasn't done too much walking since his first big steps. He's just so darn efficient with his crawling. We got him some funny squeaky shoes to motivate him. Thank goodness you can take the squeakers out. Hayden does keep practicing. He loves the walker that Aunty Jaime bought him for his birthday. It's super fun.

Hayden's been sick this week with a bit of a fever. The doctor says he has a mild ear infection. Daddy has stayed home for the past two days to take care of him. Hayden says that he can't wait until he's sick again. Mama's staying home tomorrow just in case.

One Step Beyond...It's Madness!

Just this afternoon, Scott and I were trying to get Hayden to walk back and forth between us. We were sitting very close to each other and all Hayden could manage was a step or two as he fell forward towards us. Then, he was standing by the TV stand. He turned around and took the slowest steps forward. He ended up walking about 2.5 metres. I actually had the camera in my hand but I was so scared to miss anything that I only caught his last steps. He did try again and managed a few more steps that I was able to catch on film. Next step...skating!