Driver's License

Driver's beware! Hayden's on the road and he's taking over.

Other recent accomplishments:

First tastes of cheese, fish, chicken, and beef-adult style

Walks laps around the playpen while holding on-just like Aunty Alexis predicted

Sleeps through the night-NOT!


What a ride! It feels like we've been living out of our car and haven't been home for months. What a great week we had going between Sara's cottage and home. We loved it at the Dubeau's place and can't wait to go back. We left there on Saturday to race to the Falls for an Officer gathering. Hayden met a new friend named Cassiah. His face lit up anytime Cassiah was in the room and especially loved it when he started feeding him teeny tiny pieces of chips. Cousins Eugenie, Maggie, and Ben were also very helpful. We had yummy food and great times. Now we're back home and taking a bit of a breather before we're off on some more summer adventures.

Skinny Dipper

We just got back from two very relaxing days at Sara's cottage. We had a fantabulous time lounging, eating yummy food, playing fun games of dominoes, and swimming. Hayden grabbed the bull by the horns and not only went for his first swim in a lake but stripped down to nothing and skinny dipped! We had such a great time that we're going back tomorrow to soak up some more sun. See you when we get back!


We had another busy fun-filled weekend here at Hayden Manor. Uncle Dan and Aunty Alexis came in for a nice visit. We were able to go to Smiths Falls together for a delicious lunch on Friday. We also had some friends over including Shawn and Sara who are here for an entire week's holiday. Saturday was a beautiful day outside and we all took advantage. Daddy Scott beat Uncle Dan's butt at tennis while Aunty Alexis, Hayden, and Mama jogged to the beach. At night, we all headed to Orchestra in the Park but the highlight of the night was definitely the poutine. On Sunday, we all piled in the car and headed to visit Papa. We are our faces off at the Chinese buffet including Hayden who mowed down on melon and pancakes. But, the truth is, I don't really remember any of it because after I picked up my copy of the last Harry Potter Friday at midnight, I wasn't able to put it down. Hope your weekend was as great as ours!


Here are Nico and Hayden swinging at the park. I would write more but I'm too tired. Goodnight. Coming of Hayden climbing up a flight of stairs all on his own!


Ok already! I hear you! I know I've been slacking on the blog. I challenge you to not sleep at night, chase around an active baby, saving him from danger that lurks in every corner of your house, run the hills at the Arboretum, and then feel motivated to entertain the masses with a blog. Besides, what are you all going to do when I go back to work in September?! Get used to it.

So, besides all of that, Hayden has also been busy with many social engagements. Cousin Nico came in for another visit. She's very talkative these days and is learning to accept Hayden. She even let him ride in the stroller with her. Hayden also quenched his musical thirst at the Bluesfest, taking in the Steve Miller Band and Blue Rodeo. He also got to meet some new people. Gesa, Mama's friend, got a first account taste of how squirmy Hayden can be while she tried to hold him during dinner. Hayden also met some of Mama's old camp friends: Mirana, Craig, and Kim and their doggy Van who looks just like Jessie.

Most importantly, Hayden has been gearing up for Aunty Jaime's birthday. He wants to make sure he shows her just how much he appreciates her and loves her. Happy Birthday Aunty Jaime! I love you!

Now that the lazy days of summer are here, I guess I'm finding it hard to keep up with my posts. Much of last week was spent in our usual fashion. Hayden and I started our new Mommy and Me exercise class out of doors at the Arboredum. While he may find it relaxing to hang out with his friends under the shade of beautiful trees, I find it slightly more tortuous then climbing Everest while I run the hills and do push ups on the dirt. It is nice to have Scott around a little more during the days as his summer schedule permits him to be at home a little more. This weekend we celebrated a couple of very lucky occasions. Scott's cousin Jennifer changed ranks from Officer to Vroom this past Saturday. Hayden was able to spend some quality time with Second Cousin Maggie who was excellent at feeding him crackers and keeping him entertained. Hayden and I also went to Jaime's grandfather's 77th birthday party which he celebrated on 07-07-07! Last night, the two of us were able to get out for Bluesfest. Hayden's good friend Miss Jenny took very good care of him. Too bad Ray came home and ruined their perfect evening. Just kidding Ray. Hayden wanted to say, "Thank you Miss Jenny!"

We're Ba-aack!

Here are some images from the past week or so. Hayden's been real busy. He has certainly mastered crawling and the art of getting up to no good. Taking your eyes off of him (even for a second) can result in disaster. He's gone in for his first haircut but the batteries died on our camera. We also just got back from a trip to Toronto. It was filled with yummy food, fun walks in the park, waitresses with big boobies and booties, Nico blaming her farts on Hayden, and fun times with Sara and Shawn. He's excited for summer now that Daddy's done school. We hope your long weekend was as fun filled as ours.

My Two Dads: Ray and Daddy

The Ribfest Crew: Ellen, Daddy, and That Crazy Greek Guy
My new favourite snack
Breakfast with some Hot Chicks
Mommy taking advantage that their are other people who want to hold me

Aunty Sara and Momm's form of torture
What I aspire to be?
You're eating succulent steak and this is what I get?
Nico's swing
All tuckered out from my wicked awesome trip to Toronto