Big Boy PJs

Today Hayden is wearing his first Big Boy pyjamas. Notice that they are two pieces and have no feet. Next he'll be making that ever crucial decision: boxers or briefs.

Mr. Popularity

This weekend, Hayden proved himself to be somewhat of a popular guy amongst the ladies. We were eating brunch this morning with Sara, who was in town this weekend, and Jaime. A waitress stopped to say that she usually doesn't have a thing for babies but that Hayden was just too cute. She also said that he was right in sync with the Victoria Secret lingerie line because he was wearing plaid. I guess she didn't have that much going on upstairs but we'll take a compliment where we can get one.

He was also fawned over at Ray's birthday party by all the ladies. Ray got a little upset that he wasn't getting all the attention at his own party. He took it out on everyone through some excessively violent moves in a Twister game.

Hayden ended the weekend counting the zits on Tiger Woods' forehead on his Grandpa's new HD flatscreen TV. He wouldn't stop begging for one the entire car ride home.

Catching Zs

Lately, Hayden and I have managed to slip into a better sleeping routine than before. I've managed to feed him (usually twice, sometimes three times) before he really wakes himself up too much. In this way, it almost feels like he's sleeping through the night, even though I may not be. It makes for a more peaceful night. Most days, he'll wake up really early but we'll just play in bed and then I can usually get him back to sleep for an hour or so. I've probably cursed myself by putting this in print though. Who knows what will happen tonight.
Hayden is also laughing a lot more these days. I think it's a laugh anyways. He kind of does a croaking-sucking type of sound. It's funny because sometimes it makes him cough so he'll be laughing and coughing at the same time. Check out these new videos which have some samples.
Jaime came over for a visit yesterday. We were talking about how much he's changed lately. He is so much more responsive. He is really starting to become a little person and it's fun to watch his personality develop.

Muscle Man

Hayden is getting so strong. Soon he'll be benching his weight just like his Dad...well, almost anyways.

Fish Fascination

Hayden and I had a pretty quiet day today. I was supposed to go to my Mommy and Me aerobics class but I'm so freakin' sore from that ball class that I couldn't even imagine walking downstairs, nevermind doing a step class.

We went to Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh's house to be taken care of. Hayden got really fascinated in my dad's fish tank and followed the fishies with his eyes.

Weekend Wreckage

Another busy weekend and we're all feeling a bit wrecked. I remember a time when busy meant going to work, going out for dinner, or over to friends' houses. Busy has a whole new meaning now. We can stay home for the majority of the weekend and feel like we've been through a whirlwind of activities. You can read every book out there, visit everyone you know who has a baby, even hunker down at the Ikea ballroom for a good 5 hours, but nothing can really, I mean truly, prepare you for those sleepless nights, poopy diaper changes, or that first projectile vomit. Most days are easy but sometimes, it can all just catch up with you. It's a good thing he's so darned cute!
It doesn't look any easier on his end...

Check ups

Both my babies got check-ups today. Hayden went first. He's in the 25th percentile for weight, height, and head circumference. He may be small but at least he's proportionate! The doctor says he's doing just great. He was a very brave boy.

Jessie went next. The doctor watched her walk and said that she healed really well from her TPLO surgery and looked really strong and stable. Thank goodness. All of Scott's heaving and hoeing was well worth it.

Here is Hayden holding out a flower for his Mama. It's never too early to teach him how to treat a lady.

Out of the Basement

Why is Hayden so happy? Well, it's probably because we finally finished the big basement project. It may not have turned out exactly as I'd hoped but Nai Nai sure did get rid of a lot of stuff. She promises to keep going and purge even more. We're going to hold her to that. Our best find was a pile of old magazines including some Life magazines, House Beautifuls, and a Sears catalog from the 70s.

Busy Weekend, Busy Blogging

Hello and welcome to the new blog. It's not really that new. I had to change the template because the image links were broken for me with the old version. I'm quite proud actually because I was able to change the template without my bossy, and much older sister's help. Yeah for me.

Along with blog changes, we also made some changes around the house. Grandma and Grandpa came over today. Grandma bought us an old Electrolux floor buffer from the Sally Ann a while ago. Daddy and Grandma got their hands on that ol' bugger and buffed the heck out of the dining room and back hallway. The floors look great and now we're excited to do the living room too. Grandma even made us dinner. Thanks Grandma!

Hockey Day in Canada was very exciting as well. Daddy got to go out and play road hockey with some buddies. Hayden had to stick with Mommy and Aunty Jaime and endure girl talk at Maxwell's and some shopping. Poor Hayden. At least he got to watch Daddy play on Sunday morning.

Four Months

In honour of Mr. Poopypants' birthday, I thought it was time for some more comparison pictures. Physically, I'm not sure how drastic the changes are. While taking the pictures, I certainly noticed a lot of behavioural pictures. Hayden was way more wiggly, as you'll see from all the blurs. He was also more vocal. He wouldn't stop the running commentary telling me which was his better side and demanding milk breaks. Anyways, you be the judge...

Where's Hayden?

Sorry for the lack of blogging. The basement clean-up continues and it has completely sucked out my entire will to live. It's been four days now and I'd say we've at least passed the half-way point.

Hayden and I are taking Friday off. We're going to try this new exercise class at Starr Gymnastics. It's an exercise ball class and it's completely free!

Our once perfect and silent baby has disappeared. In his place is a baby sent by the devil to steal away our sanity and precious moments of sleep. For some reason, over the past couple of weeks, Hayden has been really fussy starting in the evenings. To quiet him, I have to feed him or walk around. As soon as he stops feeding and I try to put him down, he'll scream and get really mad. The only thing that will calm him is usually to feed him again or, if I'm lucky, walk around with him. He's also getting up more often at night. He's turing four months tomorrow. I thought he was supposed to be sleeping through the night by now but I guess that's just a pipe dream. It's a good thing he's so darn cute.

Bye Bye Daddy

Today was Scott's first day back at work after his 5 week paternity leave plus his 2 weeks off for the holidays. It's going to be a bit strange without him around flexing his muscles and posing in his underwear after his basement workouts. But seriously, we had a great time together and got a lot done too. We're pretty lucky to have had that opportunity and if you asked him, I'm sure Hayden would want his Dad home forever.

Hayden and I started our time together with another big project at Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh's house. As a Christmas gift, I promised to help my Mom clean out her crawl space. I'm already regretting this decision. All we did was argue all day long about what she was allowed to keep and we only got about an eighth of the whole thing done. Here's another good time for that rewind button.

Hayden also wanted to wish a belated happy birthday to his Uncle David. He's hoping Nico wasn't too bossy on your day and that you were able to celebrate the way you wanted to.

Rock On

What crazy weather! I was listening to the radio and heard that a big oil company hired some "scientists" to prove that Global Warming is not real. Afterwards, I headed outside in my t-shirt with Jessie, Hayden, and Scott for a walk. Kind of scary if you ask me.

Hayden also saw his Daddy play hockey for the first time. He had such confidence in his Daddy's abilities that he fell asleep for the entire second half of the game.

We had a great dinner with Peter, Ellen, Marco, and Tina on Saturday. Somehow, we convinced them that Aylmer isn't on the other side of the world and they came to our end of town to eat at La Casa Grecque. Hayden came along. I was a bit nervous because he's been fussy at night. He was wide awake and quiet just until my dinner arrived. Then we all took turns holding him to keep him quiet.

We did something else this weekend...

Some people might travel, others have expensive gambling habits, some even squander their dough on Nortel stocks. We, on the other hand, buy vintage furniture. I've had my eye on an Eames Rocker for the last ten years. This weekend, I finally took the plunge. These rockers were only produced for commercial sale until 1968. After that, the Herman Miller company made them only as gifts for their employees who became parents. They would put a plaque on the back for the recipient. Mine has a plaque stating that it was a gift for Laura Christine Camenga in 1978. I love it and rocking Hayden in it is my new favourite pasttime. We found it at a great store right here in Ottawa called Found Design. Michael, our new best friend, was really helpful and has one of those jobs that just makes you want to press the rewind button.


Remember Video Hits with Samantha Taylor? Well this is like that but with less hairspray, no Duran Duran, and way cuter.

Today, during tummy-time, Hayden liften his head for so long. He sure is strong. Soon, he'll be flexing his own muscles and admiring them just like his Daddy does.

Go Canada

I guess it was inevitable...
Hayden is a true hockey fan. He loves to watch those skaters zoom across the rink. He especially enjoyed watching the Canadian Juniors beat the Americans in a shootout. There were some tense moments.

Poor Hayden is still pretty congested. It's keeping him up at nights and making sleep for him (and me) kind of unenjoyable. We're going back to the doctor's office tomorrow just in case.


Happy New Year everyone! We hope everyone had a great time celebrating and a decent time recuperating. We had a great New Years. Our friends Ray and Jenny came over to play some games, eat some food, and watch cars struggle with the driving on our street. We played Boggle, Scrabble, and a great new word game called Pick Two. Needless to say, my poor pea-sized-new-mom brain didn't fare too well. Ray also brought over the coolest new invention since the Pogo Ball - Q20. I'm sure everyone's probably already heard of it but, since I've been banished from regular civilization, I'm a bit behind the times. It's this little hand held device that can guess what you are thinking. You pick an item and then proceed to answer a series of 20 questions before the machine guesses what your item is. It wasn't always able to guess right but it was right more often than it was wrong. For me, it guessed tear, boardgame, and even poop! For diaper, it guessed sponge and when Scott picked a beer can, it guessed bang on. It's super cool which is why I'm so happy that Ray and Jenny forgot it here. Ha ha!

In all the excitement, Hayden wasn't able to fall asleep until 11:15. I didn't go to sleep until 3:00 and Scott stayed up playing Scattegories until 4:00. Today, we are all slowly coming back to life.