Things are going to get a bit nutty around here. Hayden's daycare is going to be closed for the next week starting tomorrow. This means that I'm going to be home alone with both kids. Yikes! That combined with Scott's playoff schedule means that the chances of blog updates are not that likely. Hope these can tide you over.

All girls love horses



Sugar Bush fun


Not much new is going on here. Daddy is still off for March Break so we're just trying to enjoy our time together. Here is a little fashion show for your daily dose of Daisy.

Not the greatest picture but it took a cookie just to get this much.

Whoa...that's cute. So is her hat which was hand knit by Nai Nai!

Her first dress

Daisy's PJs...from Aunty Debbie who used to put Jessica to bed wearing the same ones

The one girly purchase I allowed myself before he/she was born

Several Thousands of Words

Daddy and his kids

First bath at home with Mama

Feeling sleepy

Miss Daisy staring lovingly at Aunty Alexis

Hayden and Grandpa

Aunty Alexis and Daisy May

Hayden and Uncle Dan

Hayden and Daisy sharing an early morning moment

Here are some pictures of our weekend. Uncle Dan and Aunty Alexis came down to meet Miss Daisy May. We even went to Montreal to visit Papa and Smiths Falls for a delicious meal with Grandma and Grandpa. I'm not sure who had more fun, Hayden or Daisy!

Here is Miss Daisy May just chilling on the couch.


I realize that there are some folks near and dear to our hearts that cannot easily come for a visit. I'll try to post some videos to tie you over until you can come and give us all hugs.
This is Hayden meeting Daisy for the first time. He's tickling her toes which, by the way, she inherited from Scott much to my chagrin.

Daisy So Far

Being "gentle" with his new sister

Ok, we're trying to settle into a bit of a routine. Our days have been pretty full of visitors and partying so far.
We got home on Sunday afternoon and just tried to figure things out. As soon as Ray, Jenny, Nai Nai, and Yeh Yeh took off, we quickly figured out that one parent to one child will be a lot harder than we initially thought. For now, Daddy is bunking with Hayden and the girls have been up late partying hard in the other room. Daisy was up quite a bit on her first night.
On Monday, we took Hayden to daycare. Laura asked Hayden who was in the car seat and if it was his new sister. Hayden said, "Me Daisy. Daisy me".  We went out to run some errands afterwards. When we got home, we found out that some special visitors came in to meet Daisy May. Aunty Heidi, Uncle David, and cousin Nico surprised us and they all came over to play with Nai Nai. Casey, Josh, and Linden (Daisy's new bestie), came too. At night, Aunty Jaime came over to lend a hand because Daddy had an important playoff game. Daisy continued her late night binging for night number two.
Tuesday morning we got up bright and early and brought Hayden to daycare again. Then we went to have breakfast with the Birch family before they returned to Toronto. We also took Daisy back to Dr. Schneider's where he stamped her with a clean bill of health. Last night, Grandma and Grandpa came over. Grandma whipped into action and stocked our fridge and fed us. Since Daisy's milk came in today, she was pretty much drunk as a skunk all day and night. This made for a bit of a better sleep. 
Today our goal is to take it a bit easy. So far, we're chilling out and watching Ellen together. Later, we may try to solve world peace, watch the OC, get some groceries, or try to figure out the economic crisis. Who knows. That's just how us ladies be. Peace out.

Daisy May

More people have asked me about this blog then how much our new little Half 'n Half weighs! The pressure!
Things are just settling down a bit here. Scott has returned to work today and Hayden is at daycare. My sister and her family came down for a surprise visit and they have returned home. We are expecting a new batch of visitors soon so I'll take this chance to update everyone a little.
Daisy was born Saturday morning at 6:01 am. It was another eventful birthing story.
Friday evening, Ray and Jenny brought over Thai food and played another bitter game of Catan with us. We went to bed at about midnight feeling full and angry at Jenny for winning. At about 2:30, I awoke feeling kinda sick. I went to the little girl's room and my mucous plug uncorked (yummy!). I called the hospital and they assured me that it could still be another week. Unless I was having contractions, I shouldn't worry. I filled Scott in and tried to go back to sleep. I tossed and turned for a while because I still wasn't feeling all that well. 
At about 3:30, I decided to start timing my "contractions". At this point, I wasn't sure that I was actually having contractions but there were sensations that seemed to be rolling in and out. In between, I tried to entertain myself with some YouTube. After about an hour of this, I decided to give Scott another update. It was at this point that I felt a little more confident that the sensations were in fact contractions. I decided to get into the bathtub which seemed to relieve the pain a bit. We were still timing the contractions but they seemed sporadic to me. I thought this meant that we were still far off from an actual baby. Scott, meanwhile, seemed hell bent on getting things going. I tried to hold him off but the contractions just seemed to be coming one after the other, preventing me from communicating properly. 
He was great though. He did everything right and even had the wits about him to put on the t-shirt that he wore when Hayden was born! He called Jaime and warned her that she probably shouldn't take her time. He insisted that Ray and Jenny get over as quickly as possible. He helped me get ready and get all of our things together and all the while, he was helping me feel comfortable and deal with the pain. 
Poor Ray and Jenny got over to our house at about 5:00 only to find me down on all fours begging for mercy. I don't think it was the transition they were expecting. They helped us get into the car and we were off. Somehow, I calmed myself down in the car enough to tell Scott to slow down but also to run all the reds. I can only imagine how stressful it was for him to drive down bumpy lower Aylmer Road, especially considering I had already pushed once before leaving the house. We got to the hospital in no time and walked up to the birthing unit (no namsy pamsy wheel chair for me!) where they immediately whisked me in for a check only to discover that I was already 8cm. Scott was sent off to get our bags and then we went straight to the delivery room. Jaime arrived in time but our Doctor had not yet arrived. All of the nurses and the resident doctor seemed confident but alarmed at how quickly everything was happening. At this point, all I wanted to do was push. Scott even got up right on the bed so that he could look  down at me and urge me to breathe. With a few pushes, our little girl was born. Scott was the one who first saw that she was a girl and gave me the good news. 
I felt really alert and present this time, compared to last time when I felt really out of it. Dr. Schneider arrived a short while later to congratulate us. Meanwhile, Scott, Jaime, and I tried to pick a name. We had our list but none of them seemed to fit. Our resident doctor came in to check us one last time. As she left I said, "Thank you Daisy!" as that was her name. We all looked at each other and knew that we had found the right name. 
Scott was amazing throughout. He was calm but took charge and made me feel safe. Jaime was equally great and I'm so happy she was able to be there on time for this one. Knowing that Hayden was at home with Ray and Jenny was also a great source of comfort. They took such great care of him, especially considering the fact that he was sick and need a lot of extra TLC. Jenny even cooked up a delicious MEAT lasagna that we gobbled down as soon as we got home. We are so lucky to have them as friends.
Thank you to everyone for their well wishes. Please excuse us if it takes us a while to get back to you personally. More updates to come soon...