Sorry Grandpa and Jaime

Have you given up on me yet? Here's some good stuff to make up for it.

His vocabulary list is getting quite long. Along with all of those names you just heard (sorry Grandpa and Jaime, I think he just had too much cookie in his mouth-he's said both of your names before, swearsies) he also says:

help please, thank you, husha (as in ring around the rosie), ball, go, no, shoe, socks, juu, duh, ug, awaa, nue-I'm not sure what those last few mean yet but I'm sure they're something because he says them with such conviction.

He's enjoying the better weather and gravitates right for puddles that are filled with sludge and slime from the winter. Another sign that he's a big boy is that he walks himself out of daycare and to the car rather than being carried.

Then Now

Here he is enjoying some snacks and Oprah.
Bye for now...