Hayden's Friend

Hayden's good friend Matt is entering a competition. Hayden really wants to help him win. Can you help? Visit this link and watch this great movie and pass it on...
Hayden says thank you.

Still Too Tight

Since so many people enjoyed the last pictures I posted, here are a couple more examples of how much Hayden has grown.

Hayden's not proud of his fat ankles but I assured him that it'll all even out soon enough.

Tight Squeeze

Before we put some of his old clothes away, I thought we'd have a little fun. Little being the operative word here.

Sucky Poo

Hayden must be starting to teeth. The kid always has something in his mouth and a continuous stream of saliva flowing from it. Here he is gnawing at a toy dangling in front of him.

Eat Bananas Eat Eat Bananas

That title is for all you Pinhey-ites out there. We decided to try a little experiment tonight and gave Hayden a teeny, tiny taste of bananas. Here are some videos.

Yesterday, I wanted to take a bath so I brought Hayden in with me. I had tried it once before and he seemed to like it. Last night, I got him laughing by bouncing him up and down. Five minutes in and he barfed right into the crystal, clear water. Gross. Thanks Hayden.

Gong Xi Gong Xi

We had a great surprise for Chinese New Years...Nico! Aunty Heidi and Cousin Nico surprised everyone and came for a visit on Saturday. After picking them up at the airport, we went to surprise Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh. We left Nico on the front door step and rang the doorbell. Nai Nai was wondering who the very familiar looking child belonged to. She must have eaten too many New Years treats to recognize Nico.
After partying with Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh's guests, Nico came over for a sleepover. She decided to take the opportunity to teach Hayden how to play with all of the toys she's handed down to him. Here is Hayden in the Exersaucer for the first time. It's a good think Nico is such a great teacher. Now he knows exactly how to work his Command Central and his plan to take over the world can begin.

Mall Rat

Hayden just might become a Mall Rat when he grows older. He really does seem to enjoy it there. Last night, Scott and I took him to Bayshore. He didn't make a single peep in the hour and half that we were there. He was wide awake and seemed to enjoy perusing the aisles for next seasons colours and cuts.

He's also become quite the drooler. We've started collecting the stuff and are hoping to become millionaires once we figure out a purpose for it. Notice the dark spot of drool on Scott's sleeve in this pic.
We hope everyone has a great weekend. A very happy Chinese New Year to you all. Since it is the year of the Pig, we are going to celebrate by eating like pigs and you should too.

Love Is In the Air

Hayden wanted me to wish everyone a very happy Valentine's Day on his behalf. He would have done it himself but he's out on a hot date right now with a little number he met at our Mommy and Me aerobics. Already the lady's man.

Five and Counting

Yesterday was Hayden's five month birthday. He's grown up quite a bit since he first came onto the scene. Some of you have told me that my size comparison pictures "suck" and that you can't notice any differences with them. I've tried my best to show you how much he's grown with these two pictures. The old one was taken outside of the hospital on his way home. Notice that we don't need to use a headrest anymore!


What a beautiful weekend. We took advantage and headed over to Bruce Pits to let Jessie run around. This was her first time back at the park since her leg operation. She had a great time sucking up to all the other dog owners and making all of the other dogs mad with jealousy. The beautiful weather and peaceful forest lulled Hayden right to sleep. He had no idea we were even there!

We visited Aunty Jaime and her new baby...her 50" flat screen tv. It's beautiful.

I explained to Hayden that Sundays are perfect days for leisure suits. Here he is sporting his choice for today.

Pass it on

It was inevitable I guess. Since we did just get back from a visit with Nico, you knew Hayden was going to come down with something sooner or later. He's pretty snotty but, in true Hayden spirit, he's managing to keep his spirits up.
Hayden has started flapping. I'm not quite sure what it's all about. Perhaps with the cold weather, he's making an attempt to fly south. It gets pretty funny when he goes at it full throttle. It's not quite as funny in the middle of the night when he's flinging the covers off.
Here's a small sample.

Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

There's no place like home. Visiting Toronto was a lot of fun but there's nothing like a good sleep in your own bed. Ok, so I may not exactly be sleeping in the bed but it's good to be lying in it. Lately, Hayden has decided to get up at around 4 or 5 in the morning to "play" for a couple of hours. If I can keep him entertained, he'll let me stay in bed and will actually fall back asleep, eventually.

Aunty Heidi said that when Nico got home from daycare on Monday her first words were, "Baby, where are you?" I guess Hayden was able to make an impression on her. Here he is after Nico got him all dressed up and accessorized.
It's back to the daily grind for Hayden. Today we went to aerobics and to the grocery store. Who knows what's in store for tomorrow.

Crackin' Up

Hayden's been such a cool kid on our trip. He's hardly fussed while out at restaurants and the mall, and he's even been quite entertaining. Here he is doing his impression of a plumber:

He wanted to fit in hanging out at Shawn and Sara's. Here he is in his rocker t-shirt and jeans:

He's had a pretty fun time but Hayden's anxious to get home to his Daddy. He sure does miss him and their "awushkas". See you soon Daddy!

Oh yeah, one more thing. I just wanted to make sure I thank David. It was so great of him to pick us up at the train station the other day and to take us there tomorrow. Thanks David!

Kissing Cousins

Nico has really matured since we last saw her. Before, the only time she would show any interest in Hayden occurred when he was in her Mommy's or Daddy's arms. Now she seems to have taken a liking to him. She asks us to put the baby in his car seat. Then she'll proceed to cover him up with his blanket and rock him. She'll even kiss him when prompted. That'll be cute for a couple of more years before it becomes inappropriate. Check out some videos here.
Hayden and I had a quiet day to recoup from our big trip. He slept a lot.

Making Friends

Our day of travel is all done and Hayden has come out unscathed and with a couple of new friends. The train was great. It was comfortable and really easy to take. As soon as we took off, a father and his 13 year old son sitting next to us started making faces at Hayden. Before I knew it, the dad had his hands out reaching. Hayden had a lot of fun laughing at his funny faces and gripping on to the 13 year old's fingers. When he started fussing, the dad gave him back but said he'd take him again later. He just couldn't get enough.

We're not sure, but we think we saw Nico. She's just so unrecognizably big and talkative. She gave us both kisses and then wanted "baby" in his car seat. She covered him with blankets and rocked him.

Hayden also met some new friends at dinner. Our friend Freeman and his girlfriend Vanessa picked us up to take us to dinner at Kyle and Sara's beautiful house. Vanessa gave Hayden a soft and cuddly bear that Hayden proceeded to drool over. That's a sign that he really likes her. Sara and Kyle are expecting twin girls! Kyle practiced with Hayden but can't quite figure out what he'll do with the second baby. Hayden knows they're going to do great (once they figure out what to do with all of that "stuff" that leaks out of babies mouths).

Choo Choo

Here's Hayden all dressed up in his little travel outfit. He's got his backpack and even his own little shaving kit. Hayden's all ready for an adventure on the train. We're going to Toronto to see cousin Nico. We're going to have lots of fun but we're sure gonna miss Daddy while we're there. Jessie has strict instructions to take good care of him for us. We're not that worried about him because we know he's going to have tonnes of fun playing hockey and poker. Here's his chance to get it out of his system before we get home.
Wish me luck on the train. I hope I don't get stuck next to some perv while I try to feed Hayden. We'll try to fill you in on our adventures while we're gone. Peace out.