What a beautiful weekend. We took advantage and headed over to Bruce Pits to let Jessie run around. This was her first time back at the park since her leg operation. She had a great time sucking up to all the other dog owners and making all of the other dogs mad with jealousy. The beautiful weather and peaceful forest lulled Hayden right to sleep. He had no idea we were even there!

We visited Aunty Jaime and her new baby...her 50" flat screen tv. It's beautiful.

I explained to Hayden that Sundays are perfect days for leisure suits. Here he is sporting his choice for today.


Shannon said...

Tiiu - he's so big and so cute!!! What a looker :-) Glad you had a nice trip to T.O., we were just there as well. Come by for a visit sometime - the boys would love to play with Hayden. I promise they will be nice to him ;-)!!!