Well, I guess those that are reading this are the true Half 'n Half fans. Thanks for hanging in there and staying true and loyal. Props to all of you. As summer approaches, I'd like to think the posts will be more frequent, but I guess that depends entirely on Hayden's ability and motivation to stay out of tomfoolery.

The other day I had to bring Hayden to a "School of Rock" practice at my school. He ended up playing the bongos and danced around with the kids for a bit then he took off to hang with a mom I know. When I went to pick him up she said, "He says 'peas', 'dank ooo', and he counts to 'seben'!" He does count to "seben" and even higher. He goes all the way to "te-yay" (ten-yay!). Last night I slept in Hayden's room so as not to catch Scott's summer flu. In the morning, when he woke up, I pulled him out of his crib and let him play around me as I tried to wake up. He was grabbing my hand, pulling me out of bed, and saying something that sounded like "siwah". Finally I figured it out-cereal. He looked so satisfied when I poured him a big bowl. What else, let's see...he likes to sing. At first I thought it was just muttering but there's a definite lilt to his gibberish when there's a good tune to sing along too. Any other fun tricks will just have to be discovered when you come over and check out our new...


This was Scott's birthday party/present. "Ray Ray" and Miss Jenny came over to help us build a deck. Isn't it a beaut! The boys were troopers as they built in the sweltering heat and dealt with the ineptitude of Rona. We are very thankful to "Ray Ray's" carpentry skills and generosity. Hayden's especially thankful that Miss Jenny comes along to help too. Don't tell her but secretly he loves her more than Ray Ray.

The heat will make people do all sorts of crazy things. Here is Hayden admiring the crazy thing that the heat drove Mama and Daddy to do.

Hang in there folks...hopefully there will be more posts to come soon.