First Self Feedings
First Snowfall

First Pigtails
First Signs of a Diva


Here are some pics of this year's Halloween festivities. Hayden decided to be a "treasure" and Daisy borrowed Lindy's bunny costume. Scott and I dressed up as each other.
This is Lindy Loo Hoo dressed up as a dragon

Hayden went to about 4 houses and then had a lot fun handing candy out to other kids. Sara actually heard him say at one point that he needed to have a nap. Before we knew it, this is how we found him.
Other that Halloween, we are enjoying the fall weather by building forts and scooting along with our daily doings.
Here's a funny conversation that Hayden and I had.
Hayden: (picking his nose and eating it)
Me: Ucky Hayden. Please stop.
Hayden: No Mama. Not ucky. Yummy Mama.

The Guyses
Hayden's Fort
The End