This should have been my first clue that she wasn't feeling well.

At least she recuperated and was able to celebrate the next day.

I've long been overdue for a post. Most of you have probably given up on me. Most of you, who have probably hung out with us for an hour or two, probably understand why it's been hard for me to find a moment to make a post. Life is busy but full of fun. Those last shots were from Daisy's first birthday back in March. She actually got terribly sick the day before her party and we had to alter plans. She didn't really care because she still got to eat cupcakes.

Part of the reason I've been too busy to post is that I went back to work in March. I had a great class though and I really enjoyed being back in the classroom. We had an end of the year celebration at the beach and my students were great at keeping the kids busy.

Hayden has been Daddy's assistant as he builds our beautiful front garden.

Hayden and Daisy especially love playing in the front yard. All of the neighbours come out and join in on the fun. Their favourite is when it rains and there are puddles and dirt to play in.

We went camping at Sara's parents' cottage. The kids were amazing and played in the water the entire day. Hayden caught his first fish with Josh's help.