Elvis has left the building but Mike Holmes is here to fix it. Here is our little Mike Holmes, here to help Daddy with the basement reno so that it can be done right. Hayden was also a little cowboy because he's just that diverse. Thank you Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh for the costume. He had a great Halloween: made a bunch of crafts, gave out some candy, and played with some pumpkin guck. Here he is doing what he does every evening: getting into the food cupboard to snack and feed Jessie.

Come on

No words necessary...

No Time

Wow! There really isn't time for anything these days...including blogs. Here are some pictures to catch you up:

Hayden's new tricks are snapping his fingers, waving bye bye, protecting Mama or Daddy when one of them is being attacked by the tickle monster, solving global warming, and making even bigger and stinkier poops. Oh yeah, and playing the piano.

This week, Hayden is looking forward to a night alone with Daddy while Mommy is taking her students on an overnight to the Museum of Aviation. Have fun Daddy and Hayden!

Lord Love a Duck

Last week, Hayden and his peeps went to Valleyview farm to see some animals and pick a pumpkin. Before he went, Hayden told me he was really excited. I guess that was because he didn't know what he was getting himself into. Unfortunately, Hayden and the animals didn't quite mix well. One look at the ducks and he started to wail. He wasn't too fond of the goats either. I guess he's not destined for veterinary medicine or arc ownership.

Bad Boy

Hayden got his first reprimand at daycare today. When I picked him up, Laura had left to run an errand. I read his daily log to see how his day had gone. On it, Laura had said that Hayden had bitten Meghan. She told him, "No" and "That's not nice" and asked him to play with something else. He's been extra chatty all night and seems to be saying how sorry he is. He feels really bad that he hurt his friend. He may not seem so empathetic in this video was taken before the big bite.


What a great Thanksgiving. Lots of first, lots of mess, and lots of fun.

First, we'll start with the firsts. Hayden had his first trip out of the country. Aunty Heidi and I took him shopping at Target in Watertown. What a wonderful place Target is! Hayden also had his first night away from Mama and Daddy. We went out to celebrate Miss Jenny's birthday. We had lots of fun eating, drinking, and dancing at the piano bar.

Meanwhile, Hayden got a kick out of sleeping in the same bed as Aunty Heidi and Nico. Thank you for playing with me Nico and Aunty Heidi!

Next up, messes. Hayden gave Yeh Yeh the gift of some warm peepee all over his clothes. He is so generous. Then, a really funny mess. Aunty Heidi, Nico, and Mama went into Loblaws for about 30 minutes. Nai Nai and Hayden stayed in the car because Nai Nai thought Hayden would sleep. As soon as everybody left the car to go into the store however, Hayden decided to have a poop. It was such a stinky poop that Nai Nai decided she had to step out of the car. Unfortunately, Aunty Heidi's car alarm started to go off so Nai Nai had to get back into the car with stinky Hayden. She started to tell him how stinky he was in Chinese. This made him laugh and kick in delight. Kicking made the stink spread. Nai Nai couldn't stand the stink but had to stay with Hayden for the entire half hour. Hee hee hee.

We also went to Smiths Falls for Grandma's yummy turkey. Grandpa had fun chasing Hayden up and down the stairs.

Hayden is very thankful for all of the firsts that have yet to come, all of the messes he gets to make, and all of the fun people in his life.

Fall Fun

Today, Scott and I both raced home from work so that we could take advantage of the fall foliage at Gatineau Park with Hayden. Nature just gets so busy during the weekend so we wanted to enjoy it with fewer lineups to breathe the fresh air. Hayden liked it so much that his little giggles could be heard echoing over the lookout at King Mountain.

Next up is a visit from Aunty Heidi and Cousin Nico. Yipee!!!!


It's been a while...
Not much has changed. Hayden's in college now and Scott and I are retired.
Actually, Hayden's been a little under the weather as have I. We've both got this cold that has clinged on for weeks. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that he is sucking on my shoes as I type this. Actually, all of the kids have been sick from the daycare. Today it was just Hayden and his girlfriend Meghan. Laura said that the two of them were extra clingy to each other.
I promise to post some new fun stuff soon...just as soon as Hayden's nose stops crusting over with snots. I don't think anyone wants to see that.