What a great Thanksgiving. Lots of first, lots of mess, and lots of fun.

First, we'll start with the firsts. Hayden had his first trip out of the country. Aunty Heidi and I took him shopping at Target in Watertown. What a wonderful place Target is! Hayden also had his first night away from Mama and Daddy. We went out to celebrate Miss Jenny's birthday. We had lots of fun eating, drinking, and dancing at the piano bar.

Meanwhile, Hayden got a kick out of sleeping in the same bed as Aunty Heidi and Nico. Thank you for playing with me Nico and Aunty Heidi!

Next up, messes. Hayden gave Yeh Yeh the gift of some warm peepee all over his clothes. He is so generous. Then, a really funny mess. Aunty Heidi, Nico, and Mama went into Loblaws for about 30 minutes. Nai Nai and Hayden stayed in the car because Nai Nai thought Hayden would sleep. As soon as everybody left the car to go into the store however, Hayden decided to have a poop. It was such a stinky poop that Nai Nai decided she had to step out of the car. Unfortunately, Aunty Heidi's car alarm started to go off so Nai Nai had to get back into the car with stinky Hayden. She started to tell him how stinky he was in Chinese. This made him laugh and kick in delight. Kicking made the stink spread. Nai Nai couldn't stand the stink but had to stay with Hayden for the entire half hour. Hee hee hee.

We also went to Smiths Falls for Grandma's yummy turkey. Grandpa had fun chasing Hayden up and down the stairs.

Hayden is very thankful for all of the firsts that have yet to come, all of the messes he gets to make, and all of the fun people in his life.