Projectile Partying

Although our time together of so many frequent posts is drawing to a close soon, I'm way too sick to write in full sentences. Here's point form of our crazy busy week.

  • Hayden slept 8 hours in a row one night
  • Next day he projectile vomitted three times (including all over Daddy's car) and hasn't come close to 8 straight hours of sleep since
  • Hayden stuffed his face with watermelon and easily polished a quarter of a melon for dessert (yes, he always eats this much)
  • Nico came to visit and the two of them played and laughed together lots
  • We all surprised Yeh Yeh for his 69th birthday at the Courtyard Restaurant (Happy Birthday Yeh Yeh!)
  • We went to Hamilton/Toronto and saw Uncle Dan and Aunty Alexis' new, gorgeous, mansion
  • Hayden kept Uncle Shawn and Aunty Sara awake with his all night crying
  • We stayed in a hotel for two nights so that we wouldn't keep Shawn and Sara up again
  • We saw Mommy's film debut on the big screen when Uncle Shawn premiered his movie: The Dakota!!!!
  • We took advantage of being baby-free by dressing up (Mommy even wore heels!)
  • We felt very proud to see the end product of a lot of hard work on everyone's part
  • Hayden stayed with Nico, Aunty Heidi, and Uncle David and had lots of fun
  • We had a long drive home from Toronto and Mommy started to feel poopy
  • I'm now sick with the flu or mastitis, Hayden's at daycare, and Scott's at his first meeting at his new school
  • Now you're all updated and I'm going back to my feverish sleep

Hayden and Nico playing together

The Mansion
Playing on high thread count sheets at the hotel

Like Mama Like Hayden

Anyone who knows me knows that I can mow down on spaghetti whenever and wherever. I've had it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even as a late night snack. As it turns out, Hayden enjoys his spaghetti just as much as his dear old Mama. I've never tried eating it with my hands but it sure does look like a bunch of fun.


Before the summer ended, Hayden told me that he just had to make it up to Maniwaki. So, Friday afternoon we headed over for some cottage fun with the Szirtes' and Jamiesons. Too bad it was a rainy day. We still had a bunch of fun. Daddy got to play against a real cribbage expert (Nanny Grant). He also played in one of the rowdiest games of Monopoly.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing some clean up in the basement and lazing about watching Felicity reruns. Fun fun fun!

The End?

The end is nearing of so many things. Some good, some bad.

I'm probably jinxing myself but we've had two good nights in a row (getting up only twice and sometimes going back down in his crib without being fed!). So perhaps the end is nearing for the all night buffet house.

The end is also coming close to our summer and my wonderful year off. Be warned, I'm crabby and not happy about it. If you're going to come and see us, bring junk food, be nice, and don't ask me if I'm excited to go back to school.

Boo Boos

Hayden sustained his first major injury this weekend. I was holding him as we came in through the back door and it closed on his middle finger. It's all purple and bruised and he sure was upset but was back to normal within the hour. The next morning, he put his other fingers in the fan. He cried for about a second but nothing happened to his fingers. He sure is a trooper.
Perhaps living the high life helped him to forget about his pain. Yeh Yeh and Nai Nai celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary at the Hilton by the Casino this weekend. They invited us over to swim and order room service. Yeh Yeh even babysat while Mommy and Daddy got to play some tennis. Hayden seemed to fit right into that grand life style. Hopefully he'll get used to that standard of living. Nai Nai also celebrated her birthday on Monday. Happy Birthday Nai Nai!

When the Moon Hits Your Eye

Hayden's tastes have really come along way from pear puree. He recently had his first taste of pizza! Lately, he'll only eat "real people food". If I give him something different to eat from what we're eating, he'll loudly complain until we give him a taste. Some of his other favourites include zuchinni, cheese, and waffles!


I've been putting in a lot of hours at school so that I can set up my room and try to forget about work for the last few weeks of summer. A lot of the time I'm wishing that I had a rewind button so that I could go back and do this year all over again. If anyone has that technology hidden away in their back pocket, kindly let me know. For now, I'll settle for a little "rewind" back to July 7th. Here are some shots from Aunty Jaime's grandfather's 77th birthday party.

Time Flies...

It's hard to believe that only one short year ago I had the time to start new hobbies like writing a blog. What was I thinking?

Algonquin Adventures

We're dirty, tired, messy, and sad that it's all over. We had a great Algonquin adventure. Hayden's favourite part was romping around the tent. We all loved riding in Uncle Chris' boat, especially when we weren't clinging on for our lives because of high winds. We didn't see any bears but we did see dragonflies the size of small aircrafts. Hayden once again nearly fell asleep while swimming. Must be something about the waves that remind him of the mothership. Hayden was a great little camper just like we knew he would be. Fun times.

Take a Break

Here's a little something to brighten your day. Sit back with a KitKat and enjoy. While you're at it, check out the other newly updated videos.