Projectile Partying

Although our time together of so many frequent posts is drawing to a close soon, I'm way too sick to write in full sentences. Here's point form of our crazy busy week.

  • Hayden slept 8 hours in a row one night
  • Next day he projectile vomitted three times (including all over Daddy's car) and hasn't come close to 8 straight hours of sleep since
  • Hayden stuffed his face with watermelon and easily polished a quarter of a melon for dessert (yes, he always eats this much)
  • Nico came to visit and the two of them played and laughed together lots
  • We all surprised Yeh Yeh for his 69th birthday at the Courtyard Restaurant (Happy Birthday Yeh Yeh!)
  • We went to Hamilton/Toronto and saw Uncle Dan and Aunty Alexis' new, gorgeous, mansion
  • Hayden kept Uncle Shawn and Aunty Sara awake with his all night crying
  • We stayed in a hotel for two nights so that we wouldn't keep Shawn and Sara up again
  • We saw Mommy's film debut on the big screen when Uncle Shawn premiered his movie: The Dakota!!!!
  • We took advantage of being baby-free by dressing up (Mommy even wore heels!)
  • We felt very proud to see the end product of a lot of hard work on everyone's part
  • Hayden stayed with Nico, Aunty Heidi, and Uncle David and had lots of fun
  • We had a long drive home from Toronto and Mommy started to feel poopy
  • I'm now sick with the flu or mastitis, Hayden's at daycare, and Scott's at his first meeting at his new school
  • Now you're all updated and I'm going back to my feverish sleep

Hayden and Nico playing together

The Mansion
Playing on high thread count sheets at the hotel