Boo Boos

Hayden sustained his first major injury this weekend. I was holding him as we came in through the back door and it closed on his middle finger. It's all purple and bruised and he sure was upset but was back to normal within the hour. The next morning, he put his other fingers in the fan. He cried for about a second but nothing happened to his fingers. He sure is a trooper.
Perhaps living the high life helped him to forget about his pain. Yeh Yeh and Nai Nai celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary at the Hilton by the Casino this weekend. They invited us over to swim and order room service. Yeh Yeh even babysat while Mommy and Daddy got to play some tennis. Hayden seemed to fit right into that grand life style. Hopefully he'll get used to that standard of living. Nai Nai also celebrated her birthday on Monday. Happy Birthday Nai Nai!


Nico said...

That's not fair!