Throw Back Photos


Princess Mermaidia (aka Nico)

Walkin' the dog

Hayden @ Lunch Club
Daisy's Gang
Resting and Sesame Streeting

Here are some photos taken with my ├╝ber fun new photo apps. A lot of these were taken this long weekend when the whole dang family made the trek out to see us. We celebrated Family Day/Chinese New Year/Valentine's Day in style with a yummy meal at Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh's house and a fun skate down the canal. Grandma delivered some great Valentine's day goodies and Uncle Dan and Aunty Alexis slept over. Hay-do was pretty much in heaven with Nico around to play with and Uncle Dan and Aunty Alexis to party with.
Highlights included: yummilicious Chinese New Year dinner, Hayden going to bed not knowing Dan and Alexis were coming-Alexis waking up to Hayden staring at her, waving hello, and then going back to bed, Hayden and Nico's movie marathon in a makeshift theatre in Hayden's room, taking our skates off, and Beavertails.