These pictures are in chronological order:
Happy to sit with Hayden
Upset because Hayden left her alone.
A kiss from Hayden to make it all better
Happy after a kiss from Hayden.
Back with her brother and happy.

I gotta say, I think we lucked out. Things with Hayden and Daisy couldn't be better (knock on wood). Hayden is a great big brother. A couple of times this weekend, Daisy would be crying. We'd ask Hayden why she was crying and he got it right a lot of the time. Once he told us she was cold in the car so I closed the windows and she stopped. Another time I tried to feed her to get her to stop and he told me she wasn't hungry and sure enough, she refused to eat. I'm telling you, he's either a very caring brother or he's starting his Christmas campaigning really early. 


Hey! Look at all the fun we're having!

Daisy's changing every day. She's getting some chub on her cheeks and her hair is starting to have a red tinge to it! She seems to tilt her head to the right a lot.

She is also smiling more and more each day. Especially at her big brother.

This is Scott's second week home and it's been great. I'm glad he's getting a chance to chill out with Daisy May without Hayden hanging off of him.


I guess I didn't set my privacy settings correctly on that last video. I think I've fixed it. To apologize for the hassles, here's another fun video. This one includes some snippits of Hayden getting ready for bed. He always gets a burst of energy right before bedtime. You should know that during the last bit, he's watching himself and talking to himself on the video screen. Enjoy.

Here is Hayden loving Daisy and yogourt.

Catch Up

Here are some pictures taken by others. There are some from Daisy's visit to Nico in Toronto. There are also some from Hayden's trip to the Children's Museum with Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh.


So I know it has been a while. Things got a little out of hand here when I came down with a bad case of mastitis. Daddy Officer stepped into action taking care of Hayden and me while also entertaining our Easter guests. Now that he's officially off on his five weeks of paternity leave, things should settle down a bit. 
We're happy to have Shawn down for a visit. We love it when he comes over to play.
Thank you to Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh for hosting some nice lunches to introduce Daisy to all of their friends. Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa too for a yummy Easter dinner. 
Daisy is really starting to plump up. I took her to the doctor last week to find out that she now weighs 9 lbs 7 oz! That means she gained 3 and a half pounds in four weeks! I guess we're doing something right. 
I've gotta remember to shoot some video of Hayden and post it here. That kid sure is funny these days. He's talking non stop and coming up with some real doozies. "I want a bagel right now Mama!" "No penis for Daisy!" "I don't yike bagels anymore Mama!" (I love how his 'Ls' are 'Ys'). He's a real talker and it makes for great entertainment when it's not driving you nuts.

Daisy and her "bestie" Linden


Have I told you that I love surprising people? This past weekend, Daisy and I pulled off the surprise of all surprises. We took off on Friday for Toronto and surprised Sara at her birthday party. That's right, the girls took off for a weekend in the big TO and left the boys at home all alone. They kept busy with a birthday party and some fun with Grandma, Grandpa, Nai Nai, and Yeh Yeh. The girls partied it up with Nico, Uncle David, and Aunty Heidi. Then, on Saturday, we showed up at Sara's party. It was a great surprise and we had a lot of fun eating yummy foods and meeting Sara and Shawn for the first time.

Birthday Gal

People think that Daisy is looking a little more like Scott these days. Here she is chilling with her Daddy.
And here is a comparison of Hayden and Daisy

Here is a series I like to call The Fuzz

Hayden is finally back at daycare. Thank you so much to Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh who saved Mama's butt by helping out. We visited the Museum with them, Nai Nai helped us take naps, and the two of them even watched Hayden on Friday so that Daisy and I could take off to Toronto. Xie xie!