Have I told you that I love surprising people? This past weekend, Daisy and I pulled off the surprise of all surprises. We took off on Friday for Toronto and surprised Sara at her birthday party. That's right, the girls took off for a weekend in the big TO and left the boys at home all alone. They kept busy with a birthday party and some fun with Grandma, Grandpa, Nai Nai, and Yeh Yeh. The girls partied it up with Nico, Uncle David, and Aunty Heidi. Then, on Saturday, we showed up at Sara's party. It was a great surprise and we had a lot of fun eating yummy foods and meeting Sara and Shawn for the first time.

Birthday Gal

People think that Daisy is looking a little more like Scott these days. Here she is chilling with her Daddy.
And here is a comparison of Hayden and Daisy

Here is a series I like to call The Fuzz

Hayden is finally back at daycare. Thank you so much to Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh who saved Mama's butt by helping out. We visited the Museum with them, Nai Nai helped us take naps, and the two of them even watched Hayden on Friday so that Daisy and I could take off to Toronto. Xie xie!