These pictures are in chronological order:
Happy to sit with Hayden
Upset because Hayden left her alone.
A kiss from Hayden to make it all better
Happy after a kiss from Hayden.
Back with her brother and happy.

I gotta say, I think we lucked out. Things with Hayden and Daisy couldn't be better (knock on wood). Hayden is a great big brother. A couple of times this weekend, Daisy would be crying. We'd ask Hayden why she was crying and he got it right a lot of the time. Once he told us she was cold in the car so I closed the windows and she stopped. Another time I tried to feed her to get her to stop and he told me she wasn't hungry and sure enough, she refused to eat. I'm telling you, he's either a very caring brother or he's starting his Christmas campaigning really early. 


Lovely Auntie Heidi said...

Hey, you're not thinking about the pressure you're putting on him as young guardian or anything, are ya? Nah, don't worry, nothing to worry about. This bitter biting sarcasm is just a phase.

Auntie Alexis said...

This is so cute I want to faint!