Bon Echo-Echo-Echo-Echo

The big chair in Cloyne for the big belly.

We're back from our final holiday. It dawned on us that this would probably be the last time where it would be just the two of us and the dog. We milked it for all it was worth by taking naps, long quiet walks, and Scott sweared a lot as I beat his butt in Crib. A great time was had by all including David, Heidi, Nico, and Georgie who joined us for the first bit of the camp out.

Who is a messier eater? Unkie Scott?

Or Nico? (Yup, that's a rib bone)

Our last hurrah together.

Happy Trails

Scotty, Jessie, our Unbaked Goodness, and I are off for a bit of a camping break. We're going to Bon Echo provincial park until Wednesday to celebrate our anniversary and to get away for a bit. David, Heidi, Georgie, and Nico will join us for the first night. We'll fill you in when we get back. Happy Trails!

At it again

Our little Worker Bee Daddy was up to it again. Today's job was curb appeal. I forgot to take a "Before" picture but here is a "During" and an "After" picture. He painted the door, the trim around the window, and the corner trim. I know our Little Officer is going to truly appreciate all of his Daddy's fine craftmanship.

Happy Birthday to Brandi as well and thanks again Aunty Debbie for another delicious birthday BBQ.


Thank you Grandma Elaine! Now I have somewhere to lay my (hopefully not huge) head when I get sleepy. I love it!

Value Village

What's better than Value Village's bargain basement prices and fabulous selection? I'll tell you. Value Village's bargain basement prices, fabulous selection, a Senior, and Senior's Discount Day! My Mommy and I went to TWO Value Villages today and I picked up some one of a kind treasures along with some great deals including some Baby Gap overalls for $2.99 that we later saw at Boomerang kids for $6.99! Wow, I'm really starting to sound like a mom now.

The sweatshirt looks like something Scotty might have worn when he was little.

The blue snowsuit is so old. You got to feel it to understand it's true old-school beauty. The bunting bag is covered in an old Paddington Bear design. Love it.

And the winners are...

A couple of people have already guessed the name right. To give credit where credit is due, my daddy was actually the first to guess right. Mind you, he also made some other ridiculous guesses like Homer and Horace. Jaime's husband Jonny also guessed correctly as did Uncle Dan and Jenni. So, if you still haven't guessed, keep trying!

Name Game

Come on everybody
I say now lets play a game
I betcha I can make a rhyme, out of anybody's name...
Well, maybe not anybody's. Like I bet you can't make a rhyme out of someone's name you don't know yet. So here are some clues:

The name is two syllables.
It is a meaningful name in our history together.
The first syllable is something an animal eats.
The second syllable is an animal's home.

Good luck.


I'm not sure but I think even Jessie is getting a little tired of waiting for her new little brother.

I thought this quilt might be a bit too challenging but so far it's not so bad. I may even get it done before the little guy goes off to college!

The midwife appointment went well. In the lobby was a brand new Mommy whose baby was born the day before. She looked so calm and peaceful. It makes me laugh as I try to imagine Scott and I in the same moment. It just seems so far away but we only have six weeks to go!

Welcome Spherey!

Last night we welcomed Spherey into the family. He finally got his little legs and arms and was so happy that he decided to check himself out in the mirror.

I'm going to start the quilt tomorrow after another midwife appointment. Tomorrow I'll be meeting with our first midwife, Tobi-Lynn. She's been off on sick leave for the past couple of visits and we've been seeing Joanne who will be our second midwife. Scott and I feel very confident in both of them.

Crafting and Breasts

I've been working on some crafts now that I have more time. I'm hoping to turn this:
into this:
We'll see how it goes. Meanwhile, this little guy was a little less daunting. His name is Spherey but I still have to give him some legs and arms.

Scott and I also attended our first pre-natal class. This one was about breastfeeding. It was a very helpful and practical class. It's all getting very real!

Catch Up

We got our camera back and also had a nice visit with Shawn. If Sara's friends would stop getting married, maybe we'd be able to see her too. Here is a picture of the current state of my belly. The beautiful garden I'm standing next to is Scott's handy work. I guess the tummy is his handy work too. The one where we are all dolled up is from Jaime's gorgeous wedding back in late June.

I fixed this dresser up all by myself! We're going to use it as a change table too. I'm so bored that I've actually already laundered all of the baby's clothes and they are tucked away into the drawers already.


Now that we're done a big part of those renos and Scott is back to tutoring, I'm feeling a little more like I'm on maternity leave and I'm bored already. Uh oh, it's going to be a long month and a half. I guess I should try to enjoy it while it lasts. The last time we were in Toronto our "hulihutu-ism" was in full effect and I left our camera there. As soon as I get it back this weekend, I will post some pictures of my belly and some of our fixing-up around the house. For now, I'm off to finish the laundry with the brand new laundry line that Scott put up for me yesterday.


Well, I thought it was time to start filling everyone in on our goings on before the big arrival. For now, I'll fill you in on how uncomfortable and fat I'm getting, how much I'm getting on Scott's nerves, and how great he is doing at trying to keep me happy. Actually, things are going pretty well so far. Right now we're concentrating on getting our house into tip top shape before the little Officer comes in and pulls rank on our priorities. Scott has been working hard with the help of some friends and family (thank you Ray and David!) to fix up our place and our cars. Everything looks shiny and new...just in time for a visit from our favourite little Neice Nico (doesn't she look like a MonChiChi doll?). She told Unkie Scott that the crown molding looked delicious. She's going to make a great cousin to ???.
I know lots of you generous folks have been wondering about what we need for our upcoming arrival. We put together a short list of things but are mostly hoping for your well wishes and freezable yummy meals when the little guy arrives (I quickly lose interest in Scott's famous and only Kraft Macaroni recipe). Here's our wish list.
So, check back as often as you'd like to see our goings on. Now that I'm officially on maternity leave, I'll be looking for things to keep me occupied and busy so I'm sure I'll be updating quite often. We'll keep you posted on our little Half 'n Half as he continues to bake and then we'll all finally get to see what he looks like when he gets out of the oven in late September.