Well, I thought it was time to start filling everyone in on our goings on before the big arrival. For now, I'll fill you in on how uncomfortable and fat I'm getting, how much I'm getting on Scott's nerves, and how great he is doing at trying to keep me happy. Actually, things are going pretty well so far. Right now we're concentrating on getting our house into tip top shape before the little Officer comes in and pulls rank on our priorities. Scott has been working hard with the help of some friends and family (thank you Ray and David!) to fix up our place and our cars. Everything looks shiny and new...just in time for a visit from our favourite little Neice Nico (doesn't she look like a MonChiChi doll?). She told Unkie Scott that the crown molding looked delicious. She's going to make a great cousin to ???.
I know lots of you generous folks have been wondering about what we need for our upcoming arrival. We put together a short list of things but are mostly hoping for your well wishes and freezable yummy meals when the little guy arrives (I quickly lose interest in Scott's famous and only Kraft Macaroni recipe). Here's our wish list.
So, check back as often as you'd like to see our goings on. Now that I'm officially on maternity leave, I'll be looking for things to keep me occupied and busy so I'm sure I'll be updating quite often. We'll keep you posted on our little Half 'n Half as he continues to bake and then we'll all finally get to see what he looks like when he gets out of the oven in late September.


Tiiu said...

Looks great....will look even better when the little one comes into our lives

Daddy Scott

Anonymous said...

Ti this is fabulous!! I love hearing all of these details and finding out how you are! lots of love and we will speak soon! I am back in ot until Aug.26 then I am off to the big bad city of Toronto!
Love you and the babe and smelly scott's macaroni!! brandi xoxoxo