Bon Echo-Echo-Echo-Echo

The big chair in Cloyne for the big belly.

We're back from our final holiday. It dawned on us that this would probably be the last time where it would be just the two of us and the dog. We milked it for all it was worth by taking naps, long quiet walks, and Scott sweared a lot as I beat his butt in Crib. A great time was had by all including David, Heidi, Nico, and Georgie who joined us for the first bit of the camp out.

Who is a messier eater? Unkie Scott?

Or Nico? (Yup, that's a rib bone)

Our last hurrah together.


Shannon said...

Tiiu - you look like a smurf on that chair!! Cute pics, I'm glad you had fun camping before the bambino arrives :-)

Heidi said...

I can't believe you threw our camera in the lake.