Welcome Spherey!

Last night we welcomed Spherey into the family. He finally got his little legs and arms and was so happy that he decided to check himself out in the mirror.

I'm going to start the quilt tomorrow after another midwife appointment. Tomorrow I'll be meeting with our first midwife, Tobi-Lynn. She's been off on sick leave for the past couple of visits and we've been seeing Joanne who will be our second midwife. Scott and I feel very confident in both of them.


Anonymous said...

hello spherey!! Hi T!! It is wonderful to see and hear all of this stuff!! I am excited and am happy to hear you are keeping your hands busy! I am in town until Aug 26! Can you come to Auntie Debbie's for my birthday bbq? I would love to see you and your belly! lots of love always brandi xoxoxoxox