Today I took Hayden to a free class at Gymboree. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Some of you may know my thing with clowns. This looked like the place where clowns go to puke out their innards. It's a primary colour overload with crazed preschool singing blasting at you. Hayden seemed overwhelmed at times but also had some fun. I'm not sure if we'll go back.

Hayden also wanted to thank Yeh Yeh for the new crib toy. He thoroughly enjoys being spoiled.

Sleepy Head

Like father like of their favourtie pasttimes is falling asleep on the couch while watching TV.
We've been working hard lately on a better nighttime sleeping routine with Hayden. As I type this, he's actually sleeping in his crib on his own. Last night, he was able to do this for an entire half hour. We'll see how long he lasts tonight.

Dance Fever

This weekend we got all gussied up and headed to the Falls for a wedding. This was Hayden's first and he wanted to be sure to enjoy it. It's a good thing Grandma Elaine bought him such a nice button-down shirt to wear for the occasion. He was super dooper excellent in the church and barely made a peep. At the reception, he partied down at the open bar and then fell asleep amidst all the noise and dancing. Many people came over to gawk in amazement that he could sleep through all the racket. I also stared in amazement as I thought of all the times at home when he awoke from a fraction of a decibel. Of course, Hayden had many admirers from the calendar that Grandma Elaine has been showing off.

Being that we were on Daddy's old turf, there were many people who commented on how grown up our Scotty looked. Many couldn't believe that this once "Wild Child" was now rocking his son to sleep and changing diapers. "A big change from his beer-swigging helmet days", remarked one gentleman. Here is a good before and after shot for you. The first picture is of Scott at Jaime and Jonny's wedding early last summer. Notice the sweat indicating the all-night dancing bliss. The next shot was taken this weekend. Such a mature looking dad, holding himself back from his dance urges. It's pretty amazing what can happen in just a few short months.

Winner! Winner! Winner!

Congratulations Yeh Yeh! As our 1000th customer here at "Half 'n Half" you've won....

1 100% plastic cup filled with sparkling pure drool (seen here on the tip of tongue and chin)

100 hours of uninterrupted time with Hayden (including diaper changes of both the liquid and solid form)


2 smelly, sweaty feet to sniff at your leisure

Don't YOU wish you were the 1000th customer?

Checked Out

Alright, I get it. I'm a bad videographer. In my defense, we were actually trying to put Hayden to sleep before he had the giggle fit which accounts for the darkness of the video. Next time I decide to capture him on film, I'll be sure to hire a better production crew. Wasn't it more about the sound anyways. Jeez, you're all getting so demanding and picky with this blog.

Hayden had another check up today at CHEO for his uretal dilatation(?). Everything checked out really great and normal. They are going to check on him again at 12 months to be extra-extra-safe but the doctor says that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Well that's good.

Sleep is not going so great right now. I believe it has to do with the teething. Did I mention that there are two sharp nubs now? He's getting up every couple of hours, quite angrily actually. It's enough to drive his poor workin' dad to sleep with Jessie. I don't blame him actually. Here is Hayden numbing his gums.

Giggle Fit

Hayden has always been a happy kid. He smiles a lot and has a strange sort of barking laugh. However, while he is happy and will smile at just about anything, it hasn't been easy to really get him going. He's a tough critic I guess. Yesterday we had a breakthrough. Here is video of his first real big giggle fit. This is the tail end of it. Before this clip, he had already been going for about a minute.

Movin' Right Along

We took Hayden in for his 6 month check-up on Thursday. He weighs in at a hefty 16 lbs 6 oz. Actually, for his height, he is slightly below average for his weight. Everything checks in just right. He's more than tripled his birth weight!

Hayden's loving all the new foods he's been experiencing. Unfortunately, they made him a little backed up this week and we were anxiously awaiting a major delivery in his diaper. It finally came yesterday after about 4 days. So far he's eating rice cereal, sweet potatoes, bananas, and peaches. Yum.
His one tooth is doing great. It has come up a bit more but no new neighbours yet. He loves using it to chew on anything and everything: books, blocks, fingers, and his brand new quilt! Here he is marking his territory on the quilt I made for him. I had it professionally quilted and picked it up yesterday.


Today we went to visit our dear old Papa. We had a great visit and a delicious lunch. After lunch, we were playing at Papa's when I felt something in Hayden's mouth...a TOOTH!!!
It's on the bottom and you can't really see it but you can sure feel it. Here we are brushing for the first time.

Daddy's Workshop

Now that we're feeling better, we got started on some March Break projects. I say "we" but what I really mean is "Scott". Here is a picture of his refurbished workshop. Yeh Yeh gave him some accessories at Christmas and he was finally able to install the pegboard so that he could put it all to good use. It looks awesome. Hayden can't wait to get in there and start building.

Yesterday was Hayden's 6 month birthday! We're headed to the doctor's on Thursday for his check up so we will fill you in on his stats then.

On the Mend

Ughhh...this thing is really hanging on for dear life. On Saturday, after being cooped up in the house since Wednesday, we thought we might be able to handle a little trip to the store. Three minutes in and I felt like curling up in the linen aisle. I feel slightly better today but not enough to enjoy the beautiful weather. Scott felt much better so he took Jessie and Hayden to Bruce Pits on his own! They had lots of fun together.

Hayden is really loving Jessie these days. He smiles so big whenever she is near and grabs on to anything he can. He laughs at her and loves her licks. Just wait until she starts mooching his food...then we'll see how long the love affair lasts.

Hayden is eating once a day. We're feeding him rice cereal and have also given him a little banana and sweet potatoe. The texture is still pretty soupy but he really loves it and leans forward for more.

To pass the time while being sick, I got a little addicted to browsing etsy. It's a great site where people can sell their handmade goodies. It has some great features. If you mark some of your favourite items, they'll suggest items based on those favourites. Check it out.

Here I am with some new bangs. Thanks James!


can't blog
too weak
not hayden
hayden good
plays in exersaucer...sleeps...good baby


By the way, Hayden wanted to post a special hello to his new friend Thierry. He can't wait to visit him again and hopes that he can see the great pictures his Daddy took of them. Have a great day Theirry!

Growth Spurt

I was just reading something the other day about growth spurts. I thought to myself, "My, how lucky I was to escape the pain of constant feedings all through the day and night!"

Cue "Fate" to make everything as it should be. I feel busier than the poutine stand at our wedding. Hayden seems to be hungry ALL the time. It's way fun.

The San Francisco Treat

Hayden had his first taste of some rice cereal last night. You can see the video here. I take solids as the milestone out of infanthood. Gone are the days of not so smelly poo. Soon we'll be carting around sippy cups and Cheerios everywhere we go. A daily chore will be scraping up bits of crusty food off the floor. Oh yeah, I guess that's Jessie's job. It's all a bit too much for me to take.

He sure is changing a lot these days. His hair is coming in nicely, aside from the bald spot on the back of his head. He has this one very long piece of hair on the top of his head. I tried to take a picture of it but it doesn't show up. We think it's his one piece of original hair that's still hangin' on.

He is starting to learn to sit. He can manage a sort of sit where he's basically folded in half and propped up with his hands. Perfect motivation for this posture are his toes which he will suck on.

His hands are becoming more selective. Today he was chewing on a soother. It fell out of his mouth and he managed to pick it up and put the corner back in his mouth. He also likes to grab Jessie's hair in big fistfuls and then rip it out. She loves it.

These are the small things that make our days now. I guess we're easy to please.