The Party Is Over

Well, that's it. My time is up and it was great while it lasted. I loved every minute of staying home, including the minutes that I felt exhausted and frustrated. I'm feeling pretty down about it being over but I'm told I'll get over it. Meanwhile, Hayden is being completely unsympathetic and is going about his business as if we're not about to go through our biggest transition yet. What a meany.

We tried our best to forget about all of our blues this weekend. Daddy got down and dirty working on our driveway. He turned our previous single drive into a beautiful double drive. It also comes complete with a new layer of beautiful stone. Pictures will be posted when the project is completed in the next week or two.

Just in time for school to start, Hayden's sleeping woes have took a turn for the better. Lately he has been consistently going to bed at around 8:00. He still wakes up crying every couple of hours but if left alone, can eventually go back to sleep on his own. That is until about 4:00 when he's really angry at which point I still have to go in and feed him. Still, progress is progress and we're happy with any baby steps we can get on the sleeping front.

We also managed to fit some fun in this weekend including a jaunt to the market and a picnic on the beach.

Hayden and Daddy chatting while Mommy shops

Hayden and I have so loved everyone that checks in with us on our blog. We are not going to stop blogging but our posts may be a bit fewer and farther between. We hope that ya'll keep checking in on us. We'd also love it if you could post a comment so that many moons from now, Hayden can see who all the crazy people were who showed an interest in his daily, mundane goings on.

Until the next post...good luck to everyone going back to school and see you all very soon!

Hayden and Mommy walking off into the sunset...


Anonymous said...

Hey you guys,
Hayden, I have been following your blog since before you were born and we can't wait to meet you. I will have 2 little guys for you to play with when we finally make it to Ottawa...your mommy does such a good job with keeping up with the blog and we look forward to reading about all your adventures....
Love from Texas,
Jenni, Kelton and Hudson

Nico said...

I can't read yet.