First Day Blues

Well, the first day is over with. Now comes the hard part...the rest of the school year. Today wasn't bad, until people asked me how much I was missing Hayden or when they asked me how sad I was. My favourite was the lady who told me that she could never do what I was doing because she could never bare leaving her children. That was fun.

Here is Hayden sporting the new backpack I made him. I can't show you too many detailed pics because then you'd see all the horrible mistakes I made. Hayden doesn't care, as long as it holds his beverages of choice, his diapers, his iPod, and of course, his cheezies. Thank you to Aunty Heidi who bought me the fabric for my birthday.


Nico said...

Make me one!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Hayden:

This is your Yeh Yeh. You sure get a lot of good pictures. We received your invitation for your first birthday bash. Nai Nai and me will be there with gifts before your nap time on Sept. 15. By the way, why does your mother say 12:30 is your nap time. You did not nap at all when you spent a day with Nai Nai and Yhe Yeh on Sept. 7. Any way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.