Making Friends

Our day of travel is all done and Hayden has come out unscathed and with a couple of new friends. The train was great. It was comfortable and really easy to take. As soon as we took off, a father and his 13 year old son sitting next to us started making faces at Hayden. Before I knew it, the dad had his hands out reaching. Hayden had a lot of fun laughing at his funny faces and gripping on to the 13 year old's fingers. When he started fussing, the dad gave him back but said he'd take him again later. He just couldn't get enough.

We're not sure, but we think we saw Nico. She's just so unrecognizably big and talkative. She gave us both kisses and then wanted "baby" in his car seat. She covered him with blankets and rocked him.

Hayden also met some new friends at dinner. Our friend Freeman and his girlfriend Vanessa picked us up to take us to dinner at Kyle and Sara's beautiful house. Vanessa gave Hayden a soft and cuddly bear that Hayden proceeded to drool over. That's a sign that he really likes her. Sara and Kyle are expecting twin girls! Kyle practiced with Hayden but can't quite figure out what he'll do with the second baby. Hayden knows they're going to do great (once they figure out what to do with all of that "stuff" that leaks out of babies mouths).