Daisy So Far

Being "gentle" with his new sister

Ok, we're trying to settle into a bit of a routine. Our days have been pretty full of visitors and partying so far.
We got home on Sunday afternoon and just tried to figure things out. As soon as Ray, Jenny, Nai Nai, and Yeh Yeh took off, we quickly figured out that one parent to one child will be a lot harder than we initially thought. For now, Daddy is bunking with Hayden and the girls have been up late partying hard in the other room. Daisy was up quite a bit on her first night.
On Monday, we took Hayden to daycare. Laura asked Hayden who was in the car seat and if it was his new sister. Hayden said, "Me Daisy. Daisy me".  We went out to run some errands afterwards. When we got home, we found out that some special visitors came in to meet Daisy May. Aunty Heidi, Uncle David, and cousin Nico surprised us and they all came over to play with Nai Nai. Casey, Josh, and Linden (Daisy's new bestie), came too. At night, Aunty Jaime came over to lend a hand because Daddy had an important playoff game. Daisy continued her late night binging for night number two.
Tuesday morning we got up bright and early and brought Hayden to daycare again. Then we went to have breakfast with the Birch family before they returned to Toronto. We also took Daisy back to Dr. Schneider's where he stamped her with a clean bill of health. Last night, Grandma and Grandpa came over. Grandma whipped into action and stocked our fridge and fed us. Since Daisy's milk came in today, she was pretty much drunk as a skunk all day and night. This made for a bit of a better sleep. 
Today our goal is to take it a bit easy. So far, we're chilling out and watching Ellen together. Later, we may try to solve world peace, watch the OC, get some groceries, or try to figure out the economic crisis. Who knows. That's just how us ladies be. Peace out.