Bye Bye Daddy

Today was Scott's first day back at work after his 5 week paternity leave plus his 2 weeks off for the holidays. It's going to be a bit strange without him around flexing his muscles and posing in his underwear after his basement workouts. But seriously, we had a great time together and got a lot done too. We're pretty lucky to have had that opportunity and if you asked him, I'm sure Hayden would want his Dad home forever.

Hayden and I started our time together with another big project at Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh's house. As a Christmas gift, I promised to help my Mom clean out her crawl space. I'm already regretting this decision. All we did was argue all day long about what she was allowed to keep and we only got about an eighth of the whole thing done. Here's another good time for that rewind button.

Hayden also wanted to wish a belated happy birthday to his Uncle David. He's hoping Nico wasn't too bossy on your day and that you were able to celebrate the way you wanted to.


Shannon said...

I hope Hayden is coping ok without Daddy! What a big and *cute* boy you are becoming :-)