Happy New Year everyone! We hope everyone had a great time celebrating and a decent time recuperating. We had a great New Years. Our friends Ray and Jenny came over to play some games, eat some food, and watch cars struggle with the driving on our street. We played Boggle, Scrabble, and a great new word game called Pick Two. Needless to say, my poor pea-sized-new-mom brain didn't fare too well. Ray also brought over the coolest new invention since the Pogo Ball - Q20. I'm sure everyone's probably already heard of it but, since I've been banished from regular civilization, I'm a bit behind the times. It's this little hand held device that can guess what you are thinking. You pick an item and then proceed to answer a series of 20 questions before the machine guesses what your item is. It wasn't always able to guess right but it was right more often than it was wrong. For me, it guessed tear, boardgame, and even poop! For diaper, it guessed sponge and when Scott picked a beer can, it guessed bang on. It's super cool which is why I'm so happy that Ray and Jenny forgot it here. Ha ha!

In all the excitement, Hayden wasn't able to fall asleep until 11:15. I didn't go to sleep until 3:00 and Scott stayed up playing Scattegories until 4:00. Today, we are all slowly coming back to life.