I've spent quite a bit of time alone with Hayden and Daisy lately. All in all, I gotta say, it hasn't been too bad. Hayden's been pretty great about nap time and Daisy's been pretty good about putting up with Hayden. Keeping busy seems to be the key and, when all else fails, go to Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh's for cookies.

Believe it or not, Hayden posed for all of these pictures. In the first one, I told him to make a silly face, the second one is supposed to be muscle man, and for the third one, he actually walked away from me, stopped, turned, and stood still waiting for me to snap the pic. I guess this is his Blue Steel.

Some things we did to keep busy included playing with the snow behind the arena, using a magic wand and "abracadabra" (or as Hayden says it "abyacadabya") to open the doors at the grocery store, and visiting with Jaime and Dibbie. We all love playing at Dibbie's house, especially Hayden. Just look at how excited he is in the picture. Thank you Jaime and Dibbie!