Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm very sorry for the lack of posts. We've been busy enjoying our first Christmas together as a family.

Heidi, David, Nico, and Georgie came down late last week. We celebrated the Tsao Christmas early because the Birch family were on their way to Vancouver to see Nico's Grandmama and Grandpa. We all slept under one roof because of the nasty weather. Nico has grown so much and is going through a bit of a bossy phase. She loves her Baby and Dodo (two stuffed toys). When we would take one and give it to Hayden, she would promptly say, "Mine!" and go and get it back for herself and then slam her babies down on the ground. It must have been punishment for leaving her for him.

We also celebrated with lots of friends like Jenny, Ray, Chris, Maria, Shawn, and Sara. We even went to Churchill to see the Christmas concert which was rockin'.

Today, all the grandparents came over to our house for brunch. Hayden has come down with a bad cough so he's been sleeping through most of his first Christmas. He must have caught it because of this new trick he's developped: sticking out his tongue. We told him that sticking out his tongue will make him catch germs like a frog catches flys.

Hayden has also found his thumb. He's been sucking on his hands for the past week or so but lately he has developped a much more refined palette preferring his thumb.

Hayden got all sorts of great gifts from Santa including a bookshelf with his name engraved on it. It's a perfect place to put his very own copy of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" which was a gift from Mommy and Daddy.

We hope Hayden feels better soon because he still has so much more Holiday fun ahead of him. Tomorrow, he'll be partying it up with the Szirtes family including all the cousins from Texas. Uncle Dan and Aunty Alexis are coming on the 29th and everyone, including Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh, will be heading to Montreal to see Great Grandpapa. Whew! It's enough to make the little guy pass out. We hope everyone had a great Christmas.