blog neglect

With all the excitement of the holiday season, our poor little blog is suffering from a bit of neglect. I'm sorry if the posts are a bit fewer and farther between these next few days. We're busy with all sort of visiting, shopping, baking, and general merriment. If you truly are suffering, you can check out these much more interesting blogs that I like to peruse: and

This weekend we went to TJ and Kerry's Christmas party. It was nice to catch up with some of the Smiths Falls gang. Incidentally, if you've ever had corn dip before, Heather gave me a great name for it. She thinks she's heard of it before and that it's called Cowboy Caviar.

We also went to cousin Becky's house and had a nice visit with her and Michael. A big Officer gathering is in the works but I won't ruin the surprise here.

It's going to be a busy week so Hayden is doing his duty by sleeping next to me right now. Let's hope it lasts longer than three hours...


Nico said...

cute duds, cuz

Shannon said...

He looks great and is getting so big!!! Happy Holidays from Peter and David!!