Weekend Warriors

We had a great weekend despite the stormy beginning. Lots of branches, including a really huge one, fell in our backyard. Thank goodness we got rid of that tree in the front yard. Jaime was home alone this weekend. Hayden told me I better call her Friday night to check in on her. I asked her if she had a plan in case the power went out. Two minutes after we got off the phone, her power did go off! She came over and we had a fun sleepover. She was even treated to Hayden's morning smile routine. Hayden also got to meet Jaime's sister Jessica...finally. He really likes to sleep through any kind of errand running. He falls asleep in the car and then doesn't like to get up until the shopping is all done. Since he went to Bayshore and Ikea on Saturday and slept through it all, it meant that he was still awake at 1:00am! Yikes. Today he came out again to buy a new lamp at EQ3 in the market. The lady told us that the floor sample of our lamp was gone because Debbie Travis had used it and taken it apart. She's filming the new season of her show "From the Ground Up" here in Ottawa. It's the reality show where she looks for a new assistant. They filmed an episode in the store and she used our lamp for something. Can't wait to see it.
There are a couple of new videos of Hayden practicing how to suck his thumb here.