Christmas Tree-Part One

Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning with a little one around. Everything just seems a little more exciting. We even decided to get a Christmas Tree this year. We usually just skip it since we're not usually home for Christmas. We got a really huge one and I was excited to decorate it. Well, after dealing with tangled lights and sappy skin, I started feeling just a bit sleep deprived and frustrated. You can imagine how positive I was feeling when I figured out that we didn't have enough lights to finish. Still, I think it's looking pretty good so far. Hayden definitely enjoys the lights and doesn't even notice that it's only half done.

A note for all you OC fans... On tonight's episode, when Taylor thought she figured out that Marissa was still alive, Hayden uttered his first word: Coop! I swear I heard it. He's obviously still mourning her death. Poor little guy is feeling it worse than Ryan.