Hop Hop Hop

Hayden hippety hopped from one social engagement to another this busy long weekend. First of all, he just had to go and see his favourite Great Grandfather to wish him a very happy 91st birthday. It was fun to have lunch at the Chinese Buffet in Montreal with his Great Papa and all of his relatives. He was so popular at the restaurant that the chef just had to take a picture of him.

Aunty Heidi and Cousin Nico were also in for a visit. This was a great opportunity to collect some very valuable collateral for later on in the teenage years.

Hayden also had Easter dinner at the McCann's with Grandpa and Grandma. Of course, like any gentleman would, he grunted politely while taking a big dump at the dinner table.

He capped off the weekend with a lovely visit with the ladies. Mama's friends Casey and Brandi came over to meet Hayden for the first time. Aunty Jaime joined in as well for a lovely dinner and great conversation. Hayden got a taste of what happens when girlfriends get together after being apart for a while. After he got over the initial shock of the vulgarity of it all, he really started to enjoy himself and got into it.

Hayden didn't only hop around this weekend, he also learned to roll with it. He's rolling from one end of the room to the other. At first he would only go in one direction but he's now starting to go to the left and right. He can make it pretty far. Now that he's mobile, I'm guessing that's pretty much the end of life as we knew it.