Straight From the Horse's Ass

Finally, spring has arrived. It was nice to spend some time outside this weekend. Scott got right down to work and cleaned out the sheds, got the garden into shape, and raked the lawn. Hayden and I did this while he slaved over all that labour:
and this:

We don't feel that bad since we're still learning how to sleep for longer than 3 hour chunks. Is that normal? Don't tell me if it's not.

While sleep may not be his best subject, Hayden is learning how to excel in other areas of the curriculum. Hayden can now independently reach and grab at something specific. He is also showing preference for certain objects without assistance. Sorry for the report card language. I'm trying to get back in gear for September. Here is Hayden reaching, grabbing, and showing preference. He loves this toy horse that Uncle Dan and Aunty Alexis got for him at Christmas. His favourite thing to do actually, is to suck on the horse's ass. Sorry but it's true. If he drops it and can't reach it, he gets quite upset and won't stop fussing until that butt is back in his mouth.