Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I finally caught that piece of hair on film. I know, I know, I've gone a bit loony with this piece of hair. I can't explain it, I just think it's funny. The hair I speak of is this one long piece that stands up like Alfalfa's. Here it is.

It was such a gorgeous day today. Hayden finally got to explore the vast expanse that is his lawn. Notice the pre-crawling position. Take that pesky-moms-with-ever-so-gifted-babies.

This weekend, we're taking Hayden to Mont Tremblant. Aunty Jaime has kindly invited us up for the weekend. We're pretty stoked. One of the families that Scott works with gave us this backpack carrier and we're excited to take a hike with it.

So, we hope everyone enjoys the beautiful weather this weekend. Here's a video clip of Hayden wishing everyone a happy weekend!