An Officer and Some More Officers

What a beautiful Officer Family weekend Hayden had. First off, his Uncle Dan and Aunty Alexis finally got a break from all of their hard work to come and visit. Hayden loved petting Uncle Dan's furry face and cuddling up with Aunty Alexis. He also got to see a great student at work as Aunty Alexis studied for several hours on Saturday morning. Let's hope some of them smarts rubbed off onto him. He also wanted to wish a very much deserved "congraduations" to his Uncle Dan!

Saturday night was an evening out for all the Officers except for the lowest ranking one. Little Hayden spent some time with Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh. They were experts at feeding, bathing, playing with, and soothing Hayden to sleep. Since they proved their expertise, Mommy and Daddy are thinking of going out more often! Thank you Nai Nai and Yeh Yeh! Hayden had a lot of fun and so did his Mommy and Daddy.

Our evening out started off with some delicious pizza with Cousin Beckie, her friend Shawn, Uncle Dan, Aunty Alexis, Grandma Elaine, and Grandpa Doug. Next time though, they will decideed to get the French Onion soup and the burger. Then the crew headed out for an evening filled with the soothing sounds of the Susie Arioli Band. Cousin Jordan blew the crowd away. Mommy enjoyed it so much that she sometimes even forgot how much she was missing Hayden.

On Sunday, Hayden said goodbye to Uncle Dan and Aunty Alexis and made them promise to visit soon. Then we were off again to see some more Officers. All the Officer ladies gathered in Brockville for a lovely wedding shower for cousin Jen. They had tea, wine, lovely conversation, more wine, opened gifts, sipped some wine, and had a lot of fun. Meanwhile, all the Officer boys (including the lowest ranking Officer) were at Uncle Ian's cottage for some groin scratching and burping. Hayden, excelling at both of these tasks, fit right in for his first Male Officer gathering.

What a great weekend it was. How lucky we are to be amongst the ranks of such a wonderful family.