What Happened?!

It's Heidi again.

The baby is out! And he's healthy and everything and everyone is fine. Believe me, I'm as shocked as you are. This is what our mother said, "Baby is here." (Imagine it with a Chinese accent -- it's much funnier).

So anyway, I asked Tiiu what went down and after saying "ha ha" to me (because my own experience was not as expediant) she said that she started feeling contractions, but thought that it was just the cervical softener, but then they started getting worse and just when she thought that she wouldn't be able to stand it all night, the nurses checked her and told her that the contractions were 2 minutes apart and that she was nearly fully effaced (I'm guessing). So Tiiu got in the bath, which helped a bit, then her midwife arrived, just in time, and POP! the boy was out. 5lbs. 13ozs. He's a tiny little thing, but judging by his dad, he'll grow.

Auntie Jaime, who was supposed to coach, showed up 4 minutes after the deed was done. I spoke to her and she was all giggly and said that the baby is perfect (and that Nico would be bossing him around for sure).

I haven't revealed the name as I think I'll let Tiiu & Scott do that. Scott, by the way, is doing great, Jaime reports. Way to go, dudes! And new little dude too!


Anonymous said...

Woohoo!! Tiiu and Scott...I am so happy for you guys! Funny how things never go as planned huh? They have their own little agenda...I guess you better get used to it:) I glad he is healthy and that you guys are okay..can't wait for the details and some pictures!!