Sorry for the delay

Hello Everyone! I feel like I've been cut off from society for years. We left the power cord for our computer at the hospital so I haven't been able to update until now. We're all settling in and getting to know each other. Aunty Heidi is, as we speak, cleaning out our fridge. Her and Nico are taking good care of us.
As for the actual event, it did go quickly but I wouldn't classify it as being easy. Things progressed so fast, I had no idea what hit me. I was so lucky to have Scott and Jaime there. They were both unbelievable as was our midwife Tobi-Lyn and her student Eloise. Things were a bit complicated by the fact that we were in the hospital instead of the Birthing Centre. Scott really had to stand up for certain things that we wanted or didn't want. He was absoutely amazing and our midwife cannot stop going on about how strong he was. I was able to go without the epidural but I must admit, I did contemplate it.
Baby Hayden is doing well. He's a wee little guy and needs to stay bundled. He's extra sleepy and learning how to feed well but he is a strong little sucker. He has his days and nights a bit mixed up right now but he's just so darn cute, we don't mind. He looks a lot like Scott but has Chinese eyes. His hands and feet are so long.
Aunty Jaime just arrived so we gotta go. More updates to come on a regular basis from now on, we promise.