A Change of Plans

Hi everyone. It's Heidi, Tiiu's evil big sister. No, I haven't hacked into Tiiu and Scott's blog. Tiiu asked me to post a message to let everyone know what's going on. No need for alarm, but this morning, the midwife recommended that Tiiu be induced because of some symptoms that could possibly mean preeclampsia (high blood pressure, a little protein in her urine). You can read about this condition here.

Now, Tiiu doesn't necessarily have preeclampsia, but the midwife thought better safe than sorry. To be honest, we're all a little relieved that this has caused Tiiu to have to have the baby in the hospital instead of at the birthing centre as planned. I'm sure that she's pretty disappointed, though. I bet she'll somehow try to blame me. OK, I'll admit it. I planted protein deposits in her pee and increased her blood pressure by mentioning Eric Estrada.

Anyway, the last time I spoke to Tiiu, she was calling from her hospital room. Originally, she'd been put in a private room, but had to move to a semi-private with one other woman. The other woman is out having a C-section, so it's pretty quiet. If a private room becomes available, Tiiu and Scott can move into it.

Tiiu told me that she's been administered something to soften her cervix (yum!), which will take 12 hours, so at around 5am tomorrow morning, they'll start the oxytocin drip to start inducing contractions. Then if all goes well, several hours later, Baby Boy Officer will be here.

Tiiu wanted me to let everyone know and to make sure that no one is worrying about anything. Personally, I think the one thing that she should be worried about is the fact that she allowed me to post messages on her blog.

I've probably already said waaaay too much, so I'll sign off here. But before I do that, here's a picture of Nico at the zoo for your viewing enjoyment. I'll keep y'all posted if anything (or anyone) happens.