Weekend Update

Wow! I had no idea how seriously some of you check this blog. A couple of you wrote expressing excitement and concern that I hadn't posted over the weekend thinking we may have gone into labour. In reality, we just didn't do anything that exciting. Scott and I saw Little Miss Sunshine (which I thought was hilarious) with Jaime. We also went swimming at the Sportsplex which felt heavenly for me. We even went to a cheezy baby show. Scott got some more work done (sealing the new tile and replacing some fire alarms) while I napped. All in all, it was a weekend that months from now, we'll probably be longing for.
Now we're getting ready for another busy week. Scott's hockey starts up again. Sara and Shawn are coming in for Sara's brother's wedding. I'm hoping to finish the quilt and my quest for a comfortable sleeping position continues.
That's all the excitement for now. Sorry for worrying some of you and thanks for checking up on us!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tiiu,
I am obsessed with this page... I check it all the time!