Manicured Quilting

While the rest of my colleagues and friends were getting over the first day jitters and stresses and getting used to having yard duty again, I scheduled myself in for a massage and manicure. Suckers! Thank you Aunty Jaime for the birthday gift certificate. Unfortunately, I've already chipped the manicure. I'm just not meant to be fancy. I've finally gotten back to the quilt and made some great progress today. I finished a third of the blocks needed for the quilt top. We also had our last pre-natal class. Aunty Jaime came along as she will probably be there to help Scott keep me calm and maybe to help keep him calm too. This class was the big doozy with the graphic video. We got another tour of the birthing room. It seemed a little unreal to think that the next time we'd be in there would be on the big day itself. My bag is packed though and we're pretty much ready to go as there are only three weeks until our due date. Yikes!


Tiiu's Sister said...

Gosh, that ring looks tight.