Thank You Patrick!

First of all, Hayden wants to give the biggest thank you to Patrick and his family. Patrick has very generously handed down lots of his toys and gadgets to lucky Hayden, including a load of toys for Hayden to play with in the yard. Hayden feels so lucky to know friends like you.
Poor Hayden is suffering from a bit of a spring cold. On Saturday night he had a really bad fever and was up with a bad cough and what sounded like a sore throat. In true Hayden style, he was in good spirits throughout and never complained too much. He's feeling a little better today and is happy that his fever is gone.

Luckily, his sickness hit after all the good stuff from the weekend. Cousin Nico came down because Aunty Heidi and Uncle David were running in the big race weekend. What gazelles! Aunty Heidi ran the 10K in a little over an hour and Uncle David ran his best marathon in just over three hours! Looks like Nico will inherit the genes to outrun Hayden when he learns to chase her.

Hayden also came along with me to the Great Glebe Garage Sale. It was way too busy and we didn't go very far but we stayed long enough to score a wicked VHS of Fraggle Rock.