What can you get for $45 these days. Not much, you might say. A couple of grande caramel macchiatos, a sock from LuLu Lemon, a bowl full of peas (like the ones Hayden is munching on here) a movie night minus the popcorn and the gas to get you there...

Well, Hayden was able to find the best deal of all for $45. How about daycare FOR A WEEK!!!! Yesterday we met with the lovely Laura who runs a licensed daycare out of her home in Aylmer. She has her two kids (a boy and a girl) and a pair of sisters and they go on lots of field trips. She has a lot of help from her mom, sister, and cousin. They live in a huge house that is about a 10 minute drive away. It was hard to pass on Heidi as I knew she would have been a great daycare provider but who could pass on $9/day. My son: the Bargain Hunter. Not quite as exotic as a Crocodile Hunter but the life insurance is much cheaper.